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Lounging Pod - Tropical Tapestry

Lounging Pod - Tropical Tapestry

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Co-sleeping | Changing station | Tummy-time | Rest and play 

✻ Extended usability window: up to 18/24 months

✻ Dimensions: 75x55cm

Delight in the epitome of comfort and versatility with our luxury lounging pods, the quintessential solution for the ever-evolving needs of your baby.

Thoughtfully designed to adapt to various needs and activities, our lounging pods can be used in countless ways, accommodating your baby's needs as they blossom into their toddler years.

Meticulously crafted from Cotton Twill and other premium materials, our lounging pods guarantee unwavering quality for years to come.

✻ Cotton twill fabric: Our Cotton Twill fabric embodies the essence of comfort and durability, ensuring every product we create is not only soft and gentle on delicate skin but also resilient enough to withstand the joyful play and exploration of little ones. We have also incorporate 3% stretch into our fabric for your convenience, ensuring easy removal and insertion of inners.

✻ Waterproof base: Shielding against spills and accidents, the waterproof base provides peace of mind and effortless cleanup, allowing your little explorer to play freely. This feature also enables you to take the pod anywhere, from sandy beach outings to grassy picnics, providing a cosy and familiar space for your little one to relax and play.

✻ Full-edge zip: For easy removal and insertion of inners, thus simplifying maintenance and care.

✻ 5cm mattress: Offering unparalleled support and coziness.

✻ Hollow fibre cushion inner: Both breathable and hypoallergenic.

✻ Toggles for easy adjustments: Offering flexibility and adaptability, the toggles enable effortless modification, allowing you to create the perfect cozy space for your little one's changing needs and activities.

✻ Eco-friendly textile printing (NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS): We prioritise both style and sustainability. Our textiles come to life thanks to eco-friendly digital printing technology that utilises water-based pigment inks, ensuring vibrant designs while being kind to Mother Earth. The process requires no harmful chemicals, which means no further steaming or washing post-printing is required - therefore saving significantly on water and energy usage.

✻ Made in South Africa: We are proud to say that our fabric, printing and manufacturing are all done right here in South Africa!

Every feature is dedicated to creating a nurturing haven for your little treasures

Let our cozy lounging pods become a familiar haven for your little one to create cherished moments of rest and play.

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