Welcome to our little dream

Hello, I’m Tam a fellow dreamer and mama to precious Ava, our little muse. Coming from a background in the vibrant world of fashion merchandising, my career took a beautiful turn when my path led me to embrace the wonders of motherhood. As most soon-to-be Mommy’s do, I spent most of my pregnancy wandering through Pinterest, trying to create the perfect nest for my baby girl’s room. It was my wish to create a nursery that would envelop my little one in a world of magic and awe, one that would kindle her sense of wonder and bring delight to her world and mine. This vision bloomed into our cherished brand, Ava & Bear. An exquisite range of lounging products where creativity, functionality and luxury are intertwined.

Each product is meticulously crafted with an eye for detail, catering to the evolving needs of both mothers and their precious little ones. From our dreamy prints inspired by childhood magic to the thoughtful functionality of every feature, our products are designed to create moments of absolute delight and ease for you and your little ones.

Each product has been created with our loving hands, passing on our passion for eco-friendly and homegrown products.

We hope you find the perfect Ava & Bear essential for you and your little one's every day

with love,

Ava & Bear