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Embrace the gentle touch of FRIGG

a brand born from the desire to envelop your baby in comfort and safety. Each FRIGG pacifier is a promise of motherly love, crafted with the highest standards of Danish design and functionality.

FRIGG came to life in 2021, combining timeless design with modern safety to create pacifiers that are both elegant and comforting. Our designs incorporate soothing colors and soft shapes that appeal to both you and your baby, promoting wellness and a serene sense of security.

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"Our commitment to excellence is unwavering."

Made exclusively in Denmark, FRIGG pacifiers are the epitome of quality, completely designed and produced locally to ensure they meet rigorous health and safety standards. They are not only safe but also stylish, maintaining the minimalist, functional aesthetic characteristic of Danish craftsmanship.

With a variety of designs including the Daisy, Rope, Moon Phase, Fairytale, Lucky, and Butterfly, each detail is meticulously fashioned to capture the hearts of stylish mothers. These pacifiers are more than a tool for soothing; they are a symbol of a mother’s love—a safe, effective, and beautiful choice for your family.

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Join us in giving your child a beginning filled with care, love, and the best that design can offer. Choose FRIGG, where every pacifier is a testament to nurturing love and meticulous Danish craftsmanship.