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FRIGG Rope Pacifier

FRIGG Rope Pacifier

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Feel the strength of an unbreakable bond with the FRIGG Rope dummy, a pacifier inspired by the lifeline of love between mother and child.

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FRIGG Rope Pacifier - The Unbreakable Bond of Comfort

Embrace the profound connection between mother and child with the FRIGG Rope Pacifier, a symbol of the enduring love and the unbreakable bond that begins in the womb. This pacifier's unique design, with a thin rope encircling the shield and a thicker rope as the handle, is a homage to the umbilical cord—the life-giving link that nourishes and supports an unborn child. The FRIGG Rope Pacifier is more than a soothing tool; it's a representation of the infinite and strong bond shared between a mother and her baby.

Symbolism in Every Detail of the Frigg Rope Pacifier

The FRIGG Rope Pacifier brings the symbolism of the umbilical cord into a tangible form, reflecting the nourishment and care that a mother provides. The encircling rope is not just a design element; it stands for the continuous and everlasting connection that every mother and child share.

Enduring Design: A thin rope encircles the shield, mirroring the protective embrace of a mother's love.

Functional Aesthetics: The thicker rope handle is not only practical but also signifies the strength of the maternal bond.

Growth-Adaptive Sizes: Available in Size 1 for newborns to 6 months and Size 2 for 6 to 18 months, adapting as your baby grows.

The Lifeline of Comfort

Unbreakable Connection: Inspired by the umbilical cord, the FRIGG Rope pacifier is a tribute to the mother's first gift of life and sustenance.

Material Safety: Select from medical-grade silicone or natural rubber nipples, both safe and gentle for your baby’s comfort.

Universal Comfort: Suitable for infants and toddlers, the FRIGG Rope pacifier is crafted to provide peace and comfort from the very first days of life.

With the FRIGG Rope Pacifier, let the bond that began in the womb continue to provide comfort and security in the outside world. Ava & Bear invites you to celebrate the maternal connection with a pacifier that is crafted with love and inspired by the life-affirming bond between you and your child. Shop the FRIGG Rope collection today and give your baby the gift of comfort wrapped in the symbolism of your everlasting love.