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FRIGG Daisy Pacifiers - Colour Block

FRIGG Daisy Pacifiers - Colour Block

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Explore nature's elegance with the Colour Blocked FRIGG Daisy dummy, a pacifier that combines the serenity of Denmark's beloved flower with the comfort your baby deserves. 

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FRIGG Daisy Pacifier - Elegance and Comfort Inspired by Nature

Welcome to the serene world of FRIGG Daisy Silicone Pacifiers, where the delicate charm of Denmark's national flower blooms into the perfect companion for your baby. Inspired by the purity and resilience of the Daisy, these pacifiers reflect Denmark’s love for nature's understated elegance and robust strength. At Ava & Bear, we celebrate the fusion of natural beauty and royal heritage with every FRIGG pacifier, inviting your little one to partake in the comforting arms of Scandinavian design and quality.

Embrace Nature's Design - The Daisy's Gentle Touch

Each FRIGG Daisy pacifier is a masterpiece of Scandinavian engineering, with scalloped edges that mimic the Daisy's graceful form. The design not only pays homage to the flower's ability to open at sunrise and close at sunset but also symbolizes the purity and innocence intrinsic to every child. The medical-grade silicone and natural rubber options ensure that your baby is comforted by materials that meet the highest safety standards.

Size Tailored to Growth:

  • Size 1 for 0-6 months
  • Size 2 for 6-18 months

Material Integrity: Available with medical-grade silicone and natural rubber nipples, catering to your preference and peace of mind.

Cultural Essence: A design that celebrates the historical and royal connotations of the Danish Marguerite, bringing a touch of royal heritage to your baby's daily routine.

Royal Quality for Your Little One

Delicate Petal Design: Scalloped edges that represent the gentle nature of the Daisy, offering an elegant and soft experience for your baby.

Sunrise to Sunset: Mimicking the Daisy's opening with the sunrise, these pacifiers are designed to comfort your baby from dawn till dusk.

Historically Inspired: Named after Queen Margrethe II, affectionately known as 'Daisy,' blending royal tradition with modern childcare.

Embark on a journey where tradition meets tranquility with the FRIGG Daisy Silicone Pacifier, a symbol of Denmark's cherished floral emblem. Ava & Bear invites you to discover the gentle touch of the FRIGG Daisy, where every pacifier is a promise of purity, comfort, and a royal legacy for your child. Elevate your baby's soothing experience with a design inspired by nature and crafted for innocence. Shop the FRIGG Daisy collection now and let your little one bloom in comfort and style.